Thursday, 26 January 2012


Before we answer that question, think about this:-
When you accidentally touch fire, what is your natural response?
a) Feeling the heat of the fire makes you move your hand quickly away from it
b) Stare at the fire and wonder when your hand’s gonna cook
c) Don’t feel anything
Unless you’ve  been diagnosed with some serious psychotic problems (b) or you’ve been hypnotized for pain control (c), your answer is likely to be (a). How do I know? Because that’s how our brain works!

The part of your brain called amygdala assigns an emotion (it’s hot!) and send the message to another part of your brain called cortex, which tells you what to do next (remove your hand!). The amygdala recognizes an emergency, the cortex decides what to do about it. To put it simply, the amygdala is the emotional part of the brain whereas the cortex is the rational part. The amygdala also controls fears, anxiety, memory….ok! ok! Enough of the technical stuff!

In layman’s term, this means we ‘feel’ (our emotions) first, then assign a meaning (our logic) to that feeling and drives us to take the action that we know best. Put it simply, our feelings determine the actions we take. Here’s the interesting part, the amygdala send ten times more messages to the cortex that the cortex does in return. This means the emotional part of us is stronger that the logical most of the time.

This explains why:
Some people still smokes even though they know ‘logically’ smoking is bad for health
Some people will buy things they don’t need, with the money they don’t have,
to impress the people they don’t like
Some people can’t get up at 6.00 am even though they set their alarm at 5.30 am to go for a jog
Some people would pay a ridiculously priced product in the name of ‘Limited Edition’ or ‘Rare’ or ‘Prestigious’

Back to our question. Why do we judge a book by its cover?
When we come in contact with attractive people, packaging, products etc, we tend to generate a ‘liking, loving, wow, cool etc’ kind of emotional response that drives us to take the “go get’ em!, you’re hired!, can I buy you a drink? etc” kind of action. Want proof? Check out these findings by Social Issues Research Centre :
Attractive children are more popular with classmate & teachers
Attractive applicants have better chance of getting jobs + get higher salary
Attractive people are found less guilty in court!

Why do we judge a book by it’s cover?
Because our brains are hardwired to do so.

Article by KW Loke
Certified Instructor in Hypnotherapy & Mindology
Consulting Therapist


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